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“After we have gotten the OfficeFit concept at work, I’ve gotten a lot better at raising my desk, get up and stand and move around during my workday. And I’ve also gotten a lot more energy to exercise in my free time. “

– Charlotte Søndergaard, projektcoordinator at Navigators


“Instead of having to sit still all day, I now have different opportunities to move around. It gives me good energy, both for my body, but also for my head, which tends to get quite tired after sitting in front of a screen all day.”

– Britt Sandvad, project superior at Navigators


“I can definately feel the difference myself, but I can also see it in my colleagues. We have gotten so much more movement in to our work day. It just gives more energy. It also adds something to the social environment because we tend to do our exercises at the same time. It has turned out to be this sort of active break where we get to talk about this and that.”

– Bolette van Ingen Bro, CEO at Navigators


“The many hours in front of the computer can easily build up as tension in your shoulders and neck. But I can definately feel a difference after starting the daily exercises to loosen up the tension.”

– Dorthe Birkedahl Jørgensen, communications manager at Navigators