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1. maj - 31. maj

A Strong Back

May at OfficeFit is focused on building a strong back that can last a lifetime.

In this context, we have created a poster explaining how movement and variation throughout the day can help improve your back health. You can read much more about this HERE.

Additionally, we have developed five excellent exercises for the back, which you can incorporate throughout your day. You can download the exercises HERE.


Olympics in Paris

In 2024, the Olympics will be held in Paris, and to celebrate, we have designed a challenge that stretches from Denmark to Paris. Along the way, you will encounter milestones that provide facts about the Olympics.

In two days, you will receive a notification to start this challenge. Consider whether you want to bring some colleagues along for the tour, or if you want to tackle the nearly 1200 km route on your own.


We Bike to Work

Download THIS poster and record the kilometers you cycle each day while at work. This makes it easy to enter them into the national campaign “We Bike to Work“.


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1. maj
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