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31. maj - 30. juni

In June, OfficeFit Focuses on Habits and Behavior!

In brief, the human brain has two systems available when making decisions:

System 1: Automatic, fast, intuitive, and unconscious.

System 2: Slow, conscious, and thus the system that can store new information, make changes, and create new habits.

Only 5% of our actions are controlled by System 2, which is why change processes require extra effort in everyday life. Our brain will quickly revert to old habits because it demands less from it. Read this month’s blog post to understand why reminders and willpower are essential to changing a habit.


How Can You Succeed in Changing Your Habit? Here are 4 Tips:

Celebrate Small Wins

Start with Small Changes

Remind Yourself of Your “Why”

Make it Visible and Tell Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Download a more detailed poster with the 4 tips


GetUpp App

Go into the GetUpp app under “Cycling Challenges – Beginner.” Participate in our OfficeFit Tour Special – there are 6 stages – the tour takes you to famous Tour de France destinations. Invite or challenge a couple of colleagues.


Plank Challenge

Make planking a regular part of your day with OfficeFit’s Plank Challenge. Set a fixed time for yourself or with some colleagues.


31. maj
30. juni