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Terms and conditions of sales from the 1’st of May 2018 for Officefits private customers and businessowners

Purchases with OfficeFit ApS

OfficeFit ApS Gartnerivej 29 7500 Holstebro CVR 35828702

We want to be the best,  with service and quality as well. It is important to us, that you have a good experience with us and feel safe in our hands when purchasing through OfficeFit ApS.

You can always contact us here:
By phone at our main number: +45 20 41 01 81 – or directly to your consultant/contact person.
Written enquiries about general information/requests or about invoices, can be sent to:

Enquiries  concering our online software/app or service on enquipment can be sent to or our alternative to our main phone number.

Optionally, you can use our contact form on our website:

Note that these Terms and Conditions of sales only applies to sales and services in Denmark. If you need delivery of equipment or services outside of Denmark other terms and conditions may apply and you should contact us in advance.

All prices are in DKK and excluding VAT, unless other information has been put fourth. This applies to official price lists on the website as well as submitted offers.

We do not take responsibility for misspellings or other conditions that are out of our control.

Generally prices on offers are valid for 30 days from the day the offer has been made. Prices will also be adjusted according to exchange rate modifications, fee changes or delivery failure.

Terms of delivery and freight.

It is our wish that you as our customer always feel satisfied with your purchases at OfficeFit ApS, whether it is a product or a service. This includes a thorough instruction in correct and appropiate use of our equipment. Because of this, we prefer delivering equipment with our own cargo trucks and employees.

In case it we are dealing with a single item, supplying items or other circumstances, a product can be delivered with a carrier.

OfficeFit ApS only collaborates with acknowledged and professional carriers in Denmark. As a rule, delivery is only to the kerb, or by a fixed foundation and at streetlevel. The receiver has the duty to control the shipment, meaning the outer packaging. If there are any breaches on the cardboard, foil, box or any other visible damage to the shipment, there has to be made objection to the carrier, so that it will be noted down at the spot. Lack of objection and reporting can lead to later confirmed damage to the equipment being charged to the customer. Damage or errors on the equipment that can only be ascertained after opening the shipment should be reported to OfficefIT ApS no later than 5 days after arrivel of shipment.

All products at OfficeFit ApS are covered by Danish sale of goods Act’s law of 24 months of warranty for private customers. This means that you as a customer can complain about any errors or losses about the product, that has occurred not later than 24 months after purchase. This does not apply to errors or defects that has occurred as a result of wrong use of the product or harmful behavior.

If you need to make a warranty complaint you can contact us by phone at: +45 20 41 01 81 – or you can write us at: with a description of the error with the product. It will be a good idea to attach a copy of your receit. We will contact you as fast a possible to make further arrangements with the further progress in regards to repairing, mending or exchanging.

We try our best to process waranty cases as fast as possible. In case of a error of equipment that needs testing and maybe mending by our supplier, there can be some cases where we will need to send the product abroad which will delay the process.

If the warranty turns out to be unjustified and an error has not been caused by a defect in the equipment, any costs regarding transport to and from, will be paid by the customer.

Return of products
If there has been made an agreement about return of a product in consequence of warranty or regret of purchase, it has to be sent to the following adress:

OfficeFit ApS
Gartnerivej 29
7500 Holstebro

Rights of cancellation
In consumer purchases where ordering the product is done via phone or internet, the consumer has 14 days of right to cancelIation. The Rights of cancellation starts from the minutes that the product is turned over to the consumer. Should you, as a privat customer/consumer, regret the purchase within 14 days, we will pay back the price of the product if it meets the conditions.

You have to, within the time limit to inform us of your regret of purchase in no uncertain terms. You can not regret the purchase just by refusing to accept the shiptment, unless you have informed OfficeFit ApS about this in advance.

If there is regret of purchose, you need to inform us of your name, adress, order and receiving date for the product and an order/invoice number.
To be able to use the Rights of cancellation, the product has to be returned in original form and packaging as it was when you received it. If the packaging or the product is totally or somewhat damaged, there will be a reduction in the reimbursed amount made, after a complete evaluation of the decrease in value.
You will of course pay only for the damage of the packaging that has been caused by other factors than the tests necessary to make out the product, it’s quality and any damage it may have. Wear and tear might be evaluated as decrease in value if it is not from normal wear and tear, and may be the cause of a smaller repay amount.

If you regret a purchase, you are responsible for the product until it reaches our office at the OfficeFit ApS adress, regardless you taking back the product yourself or use a carrier for the purpose.

Extended substitution and right of warranty for business owners
In case an arrangement has been made of a *starting period, OfficeFit ApS offers an extended substitution and warranty right from the first 30 days after receiving the equipment.

*A starting period is the 1. fase of implementing an OfficeFit concept solution. In this period of 30 days you will f.ex have full rights to substutions and warranties, delivery/collection and a lot more. Your invoice will of course be regulated in accordance to the final equipment. Read more about the starting period at:

You can choose to fully or partially send back equipment, and the only cost will be our standard starting period fee, which is always visible on our offers and invoices. If you would like to know the amount, you can contact OfficeFit ApS.

Conditions of lease from the 1’st of March 2017
In case you would like to lease your movement and health solution. Contact OfficeFit ApS for further information.

Service and maintenance
OfficeFit ApS offers seperate service agreements when paying cash. In case of leasing agreements, service and maintenance is automatically included. Contact OfficeFit ApS for more information.

Use of cookies
Our website and mail program uses cookies for statistics and settings. By using our website and mail program you automatically accept the use of cookies. We use these only with the intent of making our website more customer and user friendly.

Special conditions for sales to business owners
For sales to business owners the following terms and conditions of sales apply with the following exceptions:

Right of cancellation – For business owners there is no 14 day rights of cancellation cf section “Rights of cancellation”.

Warranty – From the original invoice date, we provide 12 months of warranty.

Substitution, service or repairs does not entail further 12 months of warranty.
OfficeFit ApS reserves the property right to products bought by means of credit, until the full sum has been paid. All expenditure in regards to enforcement of the property right rests on the buyer.  There will be applied an interest rate of 2% pr. started month from the original payment date.

Product intended for private use, though used for business owners or by multiple persons outside of the buyers own house will be considered in terms of warranty and right of cancellation as business owners.

General reguirements
OfficeFit ApS reserve the right to at any time:

– To change or close down the website or parts thereof, completely or partially, temporarily or permanently without warning. OfficeFit ApS is not liable to any third parties in regards to changes, errors or closing of the site.

– To change the terms and conditions and other terms associated with OfficeFit ApS sales and delivery of products and services. The terms and conditions in force at the time in question will be available on the site.

This means that the terms and conditions valid at the time of purchase will be valid for an order, whether it be through delivery, payment or substitution even if this happens at a later date.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need guidance, information or have any questions regarding the website or our terms and conditions, you are always more than welcome to contact us at:+45 20 41 01 81 or send us an email at:

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