Team Rynkeby x OfficeFit – Virtual Tour 

Bike to Paris with Team Rynkeby and give a voluntary donation to the Danish Child Cancer Foundation.
From April the 1st, everyone with a health solution from OfficeFit can sign up in teams of five people (or more) and bike a virtual version of the Team Rynkeby Tour. The virtual tour starts in Denmark the 29th of June 2019 and ends in Paris the 6th of July 2019. Every morning during the trip your Office Team receives a video greeting from Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest – participating on the actual tour. The greeting contains a video of yesterday’s tour and information about the current route, number of kilometers, climbs and possible attractions. After the video greeting your Office Team can access the route from the OfficeFit app and participate form their OfficeFit desk bike(s), while working.


Employees who have access to OfficeFit desk bikes can sign up for the Tour in Office teams, which we recommend exist of five participants. Alternately, the participants bike the same distance as Team Rynkeby, which is approx. 170 km a day and 1.400 km in total. If, for practical reasons, your Office Team needs to be fewer/more participants, this is of course permissible.
Amount to donate per Office Team:

• 1.400 km x 50 CENT = 700 DKK.
• 1.400 km x 1 DKK = 700 DKK.
• 1.400 km x 1,5 DKK = 700 DKK.

The donation amount is selected at registration and is invoiced to the team captain after the trip. The full amount will be donated to the Danish Child Cancer foundation regardless of whether the tour stages have been completed.

As an Office Team participant, you get:

• Within the OfficeFit app – Access to the Tour’s virtual day routes
• Within the OfficeFit app – Access to Virtual training sessions held by Team Rynkeby
• Within the OfficeFit app – Video Greetings from Team Rynkeby Mid-Vest, which enable your Tour Team to keep up with yesterday’s climbs, nature and sights
• Logo banner for your mail signature, which signals that you are participating in Team Rynkeby x OfficeFits Virtual Tour, and hereby supporting the Danish Child Cancer Foundation
• Diploma for participating in Team Rynkeby x OfficeFits Virtual Tour
• Company logo on OfficeFits website, which illustrates you are biking the Theme: Rynkeby x OfficeFit – Virtual Tour
• A possibility to purchase a T-shirt, that visualizes your participation on the Virtual Tour and your collaborating to raise money for the Danish Child Cancer Foundation – 100 DKK per person.

Compete internally and win a Virtual Tour Cup.

If your department have access to more than one bike, make sure to get more people involved. The more participants, the more fun it will be, and the more money will be raised for the Danish Child Cancer Foundation. We provide an OfficeFit cup for the Tour Participant on each team, that reaches the most kilometers and, hereby give the biggest donation.

Your Donation goes to The Danish child cancer foundation

Every year 200 children gets diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the treatment has improved through the years, and today almost 80 percent of all children with cancer are cured. Great progress has been made, but there is still some way to go. The child cancer foundation support children and their families directly through experiences and informational material. Even more, the foundation support doctors and nurses, who want to improve their work and skills through professional meetings and conferences.
Children are not small adults. However, they must grow and develop, even though they are diagnosed with cancer. This makes some special demands on the treatment.

Virtual Tour

The tour starts in Kibæk on June the 29th and ends in Paris on July 6th. A total of 1.400 km. distributed over 8 days. On monday morning, July the 1st, the Tour participants receive a video greeting from the prelude and start-up from Saturday in Kibæk. At the same time the Office Team is given access to the weekend’s routes. Every morning throughout the week, the Office Team gets access to the daily trip of approximately 160 km. in the OfficeFits app.
If your Office Team does not finish the daily trip, it can be biked the next day or skipped. If you choose to be a team of five people, it is approx. 30 km a day one participant must bike. In that way, we bike to Paris together. The Office Team will reach the finish line Monday, the 8th of July, and receive a video greeting from the entire end-route, when Team Rynkeby reaches the finish line in Paris.