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Well-being and Motivation

Are inclination and motivation your trusted companion or are you having some relationship troble? 60 min.

This is really about starting small. Want and motivation isn’t just come rolling over you. Sometimes it needs some encouragement. Even though it’s what we really want to do, or wish we wanted it can be tough. It’s only human, and you have already been forgiven. 

With this talk you get: 

  • Learn about the wanting of motivation. 
  • Become aware of the sensible breaks.
  • You will become a little healthier on purpose, and you get to do whatever you want afterwards. 

Create motivation – Nudging at the workplace: 60 min.

This talk is about how nudging at the workplace can create motivation and commitment with your employees. Our point of departure will be: 


  • Practical examples of nudging at office work environments in Denmark 
  • Learning about what nudging is 
  • How nudging can be implemented in your workday with ease, and create more motivation for more movement and more healthy choices. 

The happiness phone – a talk w. Lasse Løber. Talk in: 90 min.

Optimal use of your smartphone at work can increase focus, efficiency, and employee well-being. Today, the smartphone often trumps the conversation during the coffee break, even though it has been proven that being present and having collegial contact strengthens the unity. Your benefits from the talk: 


  • A personal, humorous and informative perspective on the use of the smartphone when at work. 
  • Answers to why an excessive use of the smartphone effects the daily well-being. 
  • Inspiration to how you create a meaningful smartphone policy at work – with increased job satisfaction to boot! 

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