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Movement Concept

Movement and variable work positions by the office desk 

With the Movement Concept, it is possible to move and work at the same time. It’s movement, not sports or fitness, which is why it can be done in work clothes, and without having breaks from work. By implementing movement in an otherwise sedentary day, with out Movement Concept, it’s our experience that it at the work place creates: 


  • Better wellbeing and social work environment 
  • Few employees with headaches and muscle aches
  • Happier and more energetic employees 
  • Increased productivity and concentration 
kontorcykel ved skrivebord

Delivery, set up, support and service

With the movement concept, you as a business and workplace, will get implementation of movement during work hours, without having to think about all the practical stuff. We deliver and set up the equipment, so that it’s ready to use at the office spaces and departments that want it. With leasing, support and service will be provided free of charge, whenever you need it. 


Support and questions

We are ready by the phones to answer any questions during your health courses, even if it’s about support for the equipment. Should there be any issues with the equipment, we will stop by as fast as possible to fix any issue there may be, to get you out of that chair. 

>We want to ensure that movement becomes a part of your work day, and that every little barrier is taken down<

Kick off- motivational talk

From the  start one of our health consultants will hold a health oriented talk that includes: 

  • Understanding of the sedentary behavior
  • The consequences of the sedentary behavior 
  • A short motivational boost 
  • How to use the equipment
  • The gains by moving while at work 



What’s included?


Herudover kan du tilføje:

Hvad er inkluderet?

Du kan læse mere om det inkluderede udstyret her

Herudover kan du tilføje:


The equipment doesn’t stand on it’s own. It is merely a tool to further an active behavior and a change from the “sedentary culture” to an “active and energetic culture”. 

Together, we create a relation to a continual course, where our efforts will be to create the setting for health and movement at work. To ensure entrenchment in the effort , we care a lot about implentation of the concept. 

Knowledge about behavior and motivation

We make sure that every employee are well introduced to the equipment, how to use it, and why it’s important to implement movement in an otherwise sedentary day of work. We do our best, to make your employees feel motivated, by enriching them with our insight and knowledge of sedentary behavior and health at work.

  • We have a kick-off motivational talk, where we secure a united understand of movement at the work place. 
  • A health ambassador will be chosen, who we keep informed and inspired. 
  • You get access to our Online Universe with a lot of motivating features and preventative workout programs.  
  • For the first 30 days, the amount of equipment can be adjusted, so that we make sure that that there will invested in the right amount of equipment.
  • Your work place becomes a part of our motivational annual cycle of work, where there will be a new health theme every month. This could be challenges, contests,  or knowledge about health, that together will motivate your employees to move while at work. 

All of these initiatives makes it possible to embed these good habits in an otherwise very busy everyday life. 

Because the equipment and the concept doesn’t require for you to be a recreational athlete or a marathon runner, it gives every employee the same opportunity to join in, and have a good experience.

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What does your business get out of investing in the Movement concept?

No movement, no energy

We humans were made to move around all day long. The body has been developed so that when we move, oxygen starts going to our brain and the rest our bodies. But after 3-4 hours of sitting still, the battery is slowly exhausted, and it no longer has the necessary movement to get oxygen out into the body and up to our brains.  And that is why we get this feeling of being tired, and lacking energy. 

Seven out of ten employees with the movement concept, describe in our studies, that they get more energy to work when they move.

Energi og effektivitet model

Cost benefit

We have made an example of how much it costs your business, if we assume that an employee works about 7,5 minutes less during the day because of lack of energy. Look at the calculation further down. 

>With 29 employees that are 7,5 minutes less effective during the day, it costs the business 9.900 crowns a month<

See an actual calculation

20 coworkers with more energy 

  • With a daily salary of 1620 crowns, 7,5 minutes of less energy per employee would cost 27 crowns a day. 
  • Lack of energy in 20 employees costs around 540 crowns a day (20 X 27 kr.) and in a year 119.880 kr (540 crowns. x 222 workdays).
  • In one month, it would cost your business  9900 kr. for 20 of your employees lacking energy and thus being less effective for 7.5 minutes during the day (119.880 kr./12)

cost benefit bevægelseskonceptet

Statement from a client: 

I have more energy and even a little bitt excess energy 

It has improved my wellbeing, my mood, the teamwork, and even my motivation to go to work

Amazing energy and companionship between me and my colleagues

It gives me more energy during the afternoon

My leg muscles have become more defined. I can feel, that I know move my body in a positive way. It provides a better feeling inside, compared to before where I didn’t exercise, and I could go completely “stiff” in my body, by sitting too long. The daily exercise in a slow pace, have really been noticeable in a good way 

We have challenged eachother via the OfficeFit software. This creates a really good vibe, and get’s people to exercise more. 

Online universw on App and Software

We’re proud of our interactive software, where every employee get their very own personal user, that can be used with a lot of different motivational features. 

With the software/App, it’s possible to “track” your activities, so that you can follow along and see how far you’ve walked, biked etc. It’s also possible to pick a target area, that enables the user to prevent injury in a certain/vulnerable area or rehabilitate it. From the chosen focus area and equipment available, the App will generate a workout program for the user, that shows what exercises to do, and how to perform them.  As a company, you also have the opportunity to challenge other companies in certain challenges, and you can even incite challenges that fit with your unique humor and circumstances. 

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app til officefit med min aktivitet

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