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Ergonomics & Work Environment

We offer ergonomic counseling to all types of companies and employees – from the office workers, to the mechanics at the shop.

The ergonomic counseling can increase employee wellbeing at work, and strengthen their bodies to work better, and move more at work, and in their spare time.

The counseling will mostly be about work positions, interior design of the work space, and the tools that the employee may use during their day.

At the same time, every employee gain access to our online universe, where you can create your own workout program with preventative exercises for different bodyparts and other motivating features.





vejledning til medarbejdere på kontorer


Read more about our ergonomic counseling for employees at offices

ergonomisk vejledning til medarbejdere i produktionsfag


Read more about our ergonomic counseling for employees in craftsmanships 

Flexible solutions

You can choose from: 

  • Individual guidance sessions with aprox. 30 min. per employee.
  • Counseling for a smaller group, or for one or more departments. 
  • Ergonomic counseling for a whole day, where you get to decide how individual and mutual guidance will be assigned.  

The solution can be combined, so that the company receives a talk with communal counseling in 45 min, and individual guidance afterwards with 20 minutes per employee. 

Ergonomic guidance can be a natural element of your company’s collected APV effort 

How does it work? 

 OfficeFits ergonomic guidance can be done by specially educated physiotherapists that have extensive knowledge about rules and advice for a good work environment. 

In cooperation with the worker, the physiotherapist will look at sitting positions and work movement, and compare it with the workers work procedures, work pressure and time. The physiotherapist will go in depth about how one can prevent work injuries and how possible work injuries can be treated and lessened.  

In extension of the guidance, a report will be worked out, and it will include the physiotherapists assessment, advice and suggestions to change. The management will also receive a collected report that combines the overall results of the guidance course. 

siddestillinger og arbejdsbevægelser

Target Groups


Office and sedentary behavior 

Sedentary behavior can be harmful, but “wrong” sedentary behavior is even worse. 

If your employees sit down a lot during the day by: 

  • Office
  • Precision work
  • Meetings
  • By transport – driving or commuting

The physiotherapist will look at sitting positions in regards to adjustment of desk and chair, and how other tools may be used in the work. 

computerskæmens vinkel

Production and Craftsmanship

 Undesirable work movement, and monotonous work. 

The work movement could be: 

  • Physically heavy and difficult lifts, that for instance, are done by SOSU-assistents, stockroom employees, pedagogues or shipmen.  
  • Monotonous movements that are repeated, where it’s only one part of the body that is being used, practised by workmen, masons or painters. 
  • Undesirable work positions, where it takes precision and hard static work at the same time, practiced for instance by mechanics. technicians, midwives, dentists and craftsmen. 

The physiotherapist will observe the workplace, the work procedures and methods, and talk to the employees about when the undesirable positions and movements will be relevant. The physiotherapist will guide the employees on how healthy work positions can be integrated into a busy everyday life, and introduce small, easy exercises, to help or prevent the issues. 

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