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Diet and inspirational courses

The project process takes about 4 weeks, where we via any and all communication channels infect the participants thoughts, and increase their attention and capability to make healthy choices. 

The overall focus is to optimize the energy level and the job satisfaction, which automatically reduces sick leave and increases productivity. 

The overall focus is to optimize the energy level and job satisfaction, which automatically reduces sick leave and increases productivity. In reality, the little adjustments needed for your employees to feel a significant difference are very small – and it makes them want to set the bar even higher. 

Employee benefits

The offer is of course voluntary, but it’s our experience that about 70-80% of employees says yes. Everyone benefits from the project, because there will be talked, laughed and reflected a lot more than usual over all the things during the work day that affect our health – long after hours. 

At the same time, all employees get access to our online universe, where you can make your own workout program with preventative exercises for different parts of the body and other motivating features. 



90 minutters teambuilding peptalk
90 minutters peptalk

How does it work?

Our health and nutrition specialists will show up at your place of work with all the equipment, food and inspiration needed. During the 4 weeks you will get: 


  • Kickoff: 90 minute peptalk incl. serving og teambuilding challenge
  • Health check that includes cholesterol, bloodpressure, bloodsugar, fat percentage + lifestyle counceling 
  • Midtway event – Appetizing activities with a focus on healthy afternoon snacks and more energy. 
  • Kick-back meeting with the whole crew 

Statements from participants

  • Incredible, that healthy food throughout the day can make such a big difference 
  • It has really surprised me, that it’s so easy – both eating healthy and avoiding sugar (on the weekdays)
  • It has made a big difference that we did this together at work – it has been fun 
  • I thought it was crazy how sweet cola tastes – just because I hadn’t had a droo of it in a week 

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OfficeFit helps make the workplace both healthy and productive. Through movement, motivation and inspiration you will experience how little it takes to change the work culture to a healthier alternative.

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