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We have had a walking mill, a step machine and an office bike since the 17’th of february 2016. We started off with trying out the concept in one department and after ending the trial period we decided to distribute the concept to 3 departments. 

The office bikes and the stepper one simply takes to ones desk, though the walking mill has a fixed place, where one just brings their own laptop. 

The employees have been really positive towards the change, and use it frequently. We have received excellent services from OfficeFit and a good introduction to the use of the equipment and why it is so important to get some movement into your work day, and not sit down on a chair for 8 hours. 

We also see more employees standing up at their desks. The employees have been very happy about the opportunity to exercise during work. 

Nicola Morrison
Tlf.     +45 4171 5353